IOT – Industry 4.0

STEAMWARE deals with IOT and topics of industry 4.0 for over 10 years, since detecting the production data from facilities of the plants was not something simple like now. Currently it offers a suite dedicated to IOT and SCADA called Mapo / MoonPro that allows to check the status of machines and systems both locally and remotely.

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Automatically acquire the status of machines and plants

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Acquires the information manually entered by the operators via keyboard / barcode / rf-id.

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Shows the status of the machine in real time either locally or via intranet / web.

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Shows a “dashboard” for machineries, with events, states, graphics, etc.


Which benefits brings ?

For each machine or group of machines is connected a Mapo module IOB that consists of an acquisition card based on the SOC and the software that communicate with the MoonPro system.

Business example

A side diagram is presented of a business situation within insert Mapo system. Since the product consists of hardware and software modules, you can see how the production machines are connected via the “Mapo IOB” modules to the central server, the server receives the production data and through the “MAPO MoonPro” users can connect via intranet / internet to the different management interfaces and data analysis, software interfaces that are designed to be viewed comfortably by traditional browsers but also via smartphone or tablet.

Schema aziendale

Mapo IOB

  • It uses standard hardware, reduced maintenance costs and upgrade, does not bind the customer to a solution.

  • Interfaces noninvasively in both simple and complex machines, avoids machines upgrading problems and breach of warranty.

Mapo IOB

Mapo MoonPro

This is the central element of the Web application, you can consult in real time the data recorded by the MAPO system from any device connected to the corporate intranet via a convenient dashboard chart.
The main system comprises the following modules:

State map

Shows real-time status of connected machines (State Map) with an immediate and intuitive system of “traffic lights.” Essentially through the green color are shown the machines that are working / producing smoothly. In yellow the machines that are paused for a tooling or workpiece change. In red the silent machines with problems for which the operator has to check.

Mappa Stato

Mappa Tempi

Times Map

Track record of the state machine (Map Times).
From this screen, the user can quickly see the evolution of production relative to all machines. It’ s easy to see which are the most efficient machines, or the machines that have major problems.


General statistics (global, single machine or freely selectable subsets) for the period of the state machine.
This page shows via a pie chart summary of the state machine for a period defined by the user or via the menu with preset periods.




Production: Analysis of orders of labour in place, completed or to be made in order to quickly check the load existing machines and residue.


The system was created to allow distribution in the factory of one or more totem (IP66 systems that integrate monitor,UPS , and dedicated electronics to be coupled to individual monitors / projectors / displaywall).
The system shows briefly but immediately the status of the plants with the color code semaphore already introduced.

Mapo Monitor


Advanced management system in terms of :